Avoid being a #spammer

We’ve talked about the Twitter Hashtag (the number or pound symbol-#) and how to use it positively for a conference or conversation.  #eWN2011 is the going conversation this week from eWomenNetwork and the International Conference and Business Expo. If you are attending, it’s a great way to connect to new networks of people. You can get the scoop on pre-conference workshops or shared nuggets from concurrent break out sessions you can’t attend. What’s it’s not intended to be is a place to randomly promote your business.

No one likes that guy that comes into a conversation and tries to sell his insurance, his insider trading deal that will make millions if you invest, you know-that guy. You’d see them in the #AskObama conversation. I’m not talking about opponents to the Administration. Perfectly legit to provide contrary ideas or opinions, to ask the President hard questions on issues. I’m talking about the tweets about TV shows or the KKK or trying to promote their business.

As a legitimate business it’s tacky to interject your sales pitch into an unrelated conversation like #AskObama.There is a way to be a part of a conversation, like vendors at the eWomenNetwork conference can by all means say “swing by our booth and see what we have” or share their promotion or raffle or incentive. Attendees can share tidbits they’ve learned as it relates to a conference topic and share their expertise or success. But don’t just interject and say “buy this great whatsit!” by just adding in to the hashtag conversation. Can anyone stop you? No. Can you get some clients? Maybe. What you really will do is turn off prospects and hurt your reputation.

It’s a fine balance in social media to provide content value and connect to like-minded businesses or prospective clients, and just randomly selling and rudely interjecting. Know the difference and don’t spam the hashtag.


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