Customer Service is the Brand is Public Relations

Face it. You don’t expect to see the maintenance guy as your customer service hero unless he’s fixing the plumbing in your hotel room or she adjusts the conference temperature.

But customer service as a BRAND, is when every employee, no matter their role provides customer service.

This morning I went to the Peppermill Hotel looking for a breakfast meeting. I couldn’t find it. The place is enormous and cavernous. Glenn, who clearly worked in facilities with the blue shirt and name tag and a tool belt of sorts on his hip, asked if I needed help. I told him I was lost. Instead of just pointing to the wall sign that lists meetings and room locations,  he walked me over. When my meeting wasn’t on the list, he called the concierge. When that didn’t find a solution he went to the banquet office. When that didn’t work he called another staffer. Mean time his crew who were reporting to work, waited patiently for him to finish with mebefore they got their assignments. He suggested I call another casino that often hosted the event and gave me the number off the top of his head. He finally found out for me that I had the wrong day. He didn’t treat me like an idiot, even though I clearly had an idiotic moment. There is a difference between a meeting that meets on the fourth Friday or the last Friday of the month. He was just happy to help.

I clearly had the wrong day, but Glenn clearly demonstrated great customer service brand. Are your employees that supportive of customer service?


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