Three social media failures: selling or boring the wrong audience

If your social media marketing efforts aren’t working, before you throw up your hands and decide it’s social media that’s not worth your effor,t make sure you aren’t contributing to the problem of why your social media isn’t working.

Wrong audience: if you’re on LinkedIn but your audience is on YouTube, you have a problem. LinkedIn likely great for business to business solutions; YouTube a variety of audiences with a keen interest in visual information. Figure out what platforms your audience is on and go there. Make sure you make it easy for them to get there from your website.

You’re boring.  Social media requires personality and your business needs to reflect yours. If you don’t know what that is, get help but be really clear when outsourcing so the tone and comments reflect who you are.  That means you don’t get to delegate to your niece just because she knows how to start a Facebook page and went to college. You can’t leave the same content for weeks on end–if you commit to the platform, commit with currency. Show your fun side, and have fun.

You’re just selling. No one wants to be sold, so ease up on the deals. People do business with people they like; tell them stuff don’t just sell them stuff. Allow for two way conversation, engage them. It’s called social for a reason–you don’t go to a party or networking event and start selling (or if you do, you aren’t successful at it).

Not sure how to do this well? We can help.



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