The DMV and Customer Service

Who knew you could go to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and get great customer service? With state budget cuts and eliminated services the experience at the DMV could have been a nightmare. But Nevada has done some extraordinary work.

First service oriented feature is on their website: at the top of the home page they provide a rough timeline of expected waiting periods for every town. This could help those with limited lunch hours for personal errands to plan accordingly. It’s not a perfect solution to the need for wait times, but geez I’d love to see a doctor’s office pull that off.

Once there I stood in line to get a number. Got my number and an idea of all the forms needed from the helpful staff. Waited the 40 minutes projected from the website. I was able to get caught up on social media and email while there. Brought a book, but never got to it. When I got to the counter, there was a problem with the VIN number–the insurance number didn’t match the dealer’s form. Past customer service problems would have required me to leave, go figure out my insurance and come back. Instead the staff were prepared to make my auto registration a success. The clerk gave me a fax number for me to give to the auto company. While I called them, she continued the paperwork. SHE was faster than the insurance company. We got my driver’s license renewal taken care of while waiting for the insurance. The document still hadn’t arrived but I didn’t lose my place or have to go back. The process allowed for me to sign an affidavit that I would have insurance. She gave me a form to verify that my insured status moved from pending to confirmed from the convenience of my own. Any one of these steps could have created a service nightmare, but service was actually the answer for the day.

Customer service isn’t just employing nice staff—it’s providing solutions BEFORE there’s a problem; it’s anticipating what will be convenient and mitigating what won’t. And it’s assuring staff are focused on customer needs, empowered to make decisions and have ownership in the results.


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