Four Times “so what”

A great strategy (ok, it could be a game) for developing your message and defining real clarity for prospective clients is to play “So What”? Here’s how it works:

  • Ask a trusted friend or colleague to help. You need someone who will give honest feedback and not just affirm how fabulous you are. Ideally they have skills to listen and write down what you say (or type fast on their iPhone).
  • State your message-you know, your cool 30 second elevator speech.
  • NOW your ally needs to ask you “So What?”
  • Expound, get to the next level.
  • Your ally needs to ask you “So What?” AGAIN.
  • Flesh out your message. Instead of the features of what you do (you make better widgets, smoother process) talk about the BENEFITS of what you offer–solutions to the prospective client’s needs.
  • For a THIRD time your ally gets to ask “So What”?
  • Answer by try ingto overcome objections, even if they aren’t stated.
  • ONE LAST TIME your ally says “So What?”

If you have really pushed through this process, the final message is the heart of what you offer. It differentiates you from competitors and it’s the place where your passion shines through. A new business acquaintance kept asking me while we were at lunch the other day, until I reached the place where “my face lit up” at the point I discussed what I do and can do for my clients. That’s the “So What”! Now work with these words and use as your opening messages at your next networking event.


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