Tragedy Strikes! Sharing best practices.

Newsletters are hard to do. You need to be brief, provide value and be engaging. This is the best newsletter I’ve seen. Printed with permission.


a new way to buy wine…
based on flavor and body

Damonte Ranch Town Center
1131 Steamboat Parkway
Reno, NV 89521
775-851-VINO (8466)

Click here to visit us online!
Tragedy Strikes Vino 100
Last week on Tuesday Phil and the crew moved the cash register down 35 inches in anticipation of the arrival of our bar which was built off-site and was to be moved in like furniture.Thursday the trailer got hooked up and our bar was on it’s way to Vino 100!! Maury (who built the bar) noticed the trailer unhooked, the safety chains both broke and the trailer kissed the retaining wall on the freeway, 396 North near College Parkway. The granite top came crashing down and broke into 4 pieces. The 1/2 wine barrel (which was the corner of the bar) hit the trailer, got banged up and went sliding along the freeway!! Lots of dam age.

Our bar attempted suicide.

We are in mourning.

The bar was rushed to the ER where the physicians got out the paddles, yelled “CLEAR” and began resusitating our new baby!! The bar is still in urgent care but is expected to pull through with a little TLC!!

The new tasting bar is expected to be at Vino 100 by around Nov 10 or so. Come see if they did a good job on the repairs!!

November 3-Thursday- Art opening for local artist Susan Moore 5:30PM. Come check our her artwork and sip on FREE wine (while supplies last)!! Also, it’s Martini Night 2 for $13!!

Nov 4-Friday Appetizers, an entree’, and dessert by Chef Antonio from 5:30-10PM…come join us and check out our new beers!!

Thursday Nov. 3….First day for November Wine Club Pick-up!!

Saturday Nove 4- Free Tinytini tasting 12-9pm!!! Try 3 different flavors and rate them:)

Monday Nov. 7-Martini Madness Monday. Try the new “Pumkin Pie Liquified, Lemon Meringue, Honey-Mint, Cucumber-Basil, Strawberry Shortcake, Classic, and MORE 2 for just 13 smackaroos!!!

Wed. Nov 9- Wining Women 5:30-9!! A special night of girl bonding at Vino 100!!!

Vino 100 Wine Club Wine ($35 + Tax) – Club Members get 20%* discount any purchases made during their Wine Club coupon (starts on the 1st Thursday of every month). Plus Wine Club Members get 15% off on all 4 Wine Club Feature Wine all month! And LOTS more….just ask us!!


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