Keep Learning New Skills in Your Field

Words shiny and new for new skillsToday I’m in WordPress Camp. It’s amazing what you need to learn as an entrepreneur and I encourage you to stay current in the trends in your field. WordPress is an astounding platform that can function as your website. Imagine having a great tool for small business owners to create their own website, or at least have a pro create it in this format so you can easily update your content without having to go to someone else for every new item.

Came to learn some of the nuances, like the difference between and Not going to be an expert by any means, but can certainly help clients sort through their options in creating web pages.

It’s the largest content management system, statistically. Fourteen percent of users are on WordPress. That’s amazing. Open source from a security system, which is great for your business. The key to know is that it is, as instructor Colin Lorentz says, “Free as in Speech, not as in beer”. Something to keep in mind if you sell products on it. Means someone can take your idea and change it, make it better or worse, but you have no control. Gives the incentive to use the pros creating website if you sell products.

So class is started. Hoping you take a class or two to be top in your field. I’ll keep you posted on my new trends.


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