Feed the Photographer Eye Candy

Whenever you have a gathering for your business, don’t forget the photographer. Doesn’t matter if its a networking event, a fundraiser, board retreat, business opening, new product–be sure to take pictures.

Ideally you use a professional photographer; when you can afford to, do it. They are skilled at capturing the right moments, recognizing the lighting and working with what’s available, they can manipulate the picture or know what frames well in a picture. Tips like not wearing name badges, or wires above your heads, or shadows across faces–all skills a keen photographer’s eye can capture.

When working with a photographer, try to think in advance what you want to DO with the pictures. Annual report? Submitting people shots to the local news people-watching column?This is an excellent option for publicity–sometimes you can promote your business if you’ve hosted an event and just submit pictures of the attendees. Get the media requirements for this–typically you can submit photos from an iphone if the quality is good.

Write up a check list of those kinds of shots you need-shots of happy kids, active shots of business interactions, people mingling.

Negotiate the ownership of the pictures. Many photographers will sell you all the shots; some may only sell use of the artwork for a period of time. There’s valid reasons for both, just know your options.

If you can’t afford a photographer, you can still take pictures–and should. All these shots can be taken–it’s often just remembering to bring the camera or assign someone to use it during the event.

We are a visual society. The more you can add graphics, especially pictures of real things the better for your blog, Facebook posts, annual reports, investor reports, publicity submission. Click away!


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