Taming the PR Marketing Options for Small Business

You’re a small business and you know there are dozens of public relations marketing options for your business, even as you confess you aren’t sure what public relations marketing IS. And you want to get your arms around this social media thing. And how do you find time for it all without running around like a chicken with your head cut off?

For those living in the Reno Nevada area, I’m hosting a workshop on just how to tame herd those chickens and determine the right public relations marketing mix for your ideal client. For those not in the area, we’ll be recording and selling the recording shortly after-so look for it. Can help small business owners, board members for professional group in charge of “marketing”; non profit staff having to do it all with no ad budget, transitioning journalists who are now doing public relations in house.


Saturday, Jan 28th, 2012
$149 per person

The seminar price includes refreshments, all seminar materials and an individual assessment of current PR practices. Class runs from 9:30-11:30 am. The course will cover target audience, situation analysis, uses of the most common public relations tools: (customer relations, networking, social media and social networking (and what’s the difference), publicity, media relations. Includes an assessment tool for current practices and how to evaluate. Sign up here



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