What you can learn from a case study

Last fall I offered three clients a case study opportunity–they’d get a six month coaching session in exchange for my ability to discuss. All three were grateful for the opportunity and acknowledged they could use help in their marketing plans. We scheduled the times from fall through the first quarter of the new year. What I’m finding is time and value can be culprits to planning or intentions.

One client hopes to actually use the offer to train a staff person. But health issues and client influx ( a good problem to have) prevent this client from taking advantage of the offer. A second client hoped to delegate the role to a family member in the business. But scheduling, prioritizing a free service,not fully being able to delegate because of obligations and skills has prevented this client from participating. The third client is finding that prioritizing the biggest key-so the coaching has gone in fits and starts.

For the business client with both retail and service we started with breaking down the everest of planning into rolling hills to overcome week by week. Our work is helping the client determine which elements to start, flesh out till  proficient, and what to add. Prioritizing the marketing approaches likely to bring effective marketing with the time resources.

Start with your website. Make it current, interesting, able to capture contact and using key words and content worth sharing.

Second work the lists you have. Updates need to go to clients-either via email, direct mail, social media, texting–whatever your channels. But talk to your clients. Give them a call to action-make them your sales force, while keeping your business top of mind.

Expand to find new audiences–could be social media, publicity, traditional media, events–all depends on the audience and time/resources of the business.

Coaching helps do a couple of things: create deadlines and accountability; and it helps justify when its time to delegate or outsource. Coaching helps you determine the plan and figure out how to realistically accomplish marketing when you are a small business owner.


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