Conference secrets vs the Real time social media

Conferences-many professional groups and business industry leaders host them. And with the advent of real time media, it’s important to share the rules of engagement with participants. If you’re a professional group of sales women hosting a conference like the eWomenNetwork, then you share the hashtags #ewn2012 and encourge Facebook posts and YouTube entries, promoting participation in real time by hyping all the social media channels in advance. Then you are spreading the word about the phenomenal speakers or the great production or fantastic tips.

But some conferences are strictly meant for industry insiders working strategically in big groups, such as political strategists or engineering inventors. It’s tempting for the Twitter savvy to post as they participate. Disastrous for strategic planning. If you’re hosting a business conference where you’re not ready to share to the world the content because the material is sensitive, then set the boundaries in advance. Send through traditional emails, post in the social media realms that no social media posts are authorized during the learning sessions. If you explain why, most attendees will understand. But you may need to monitor. We’re not talking about controlling free speech-we’re talking about not sharing intellectual property or strategy.


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