Wish I had time to write a book.

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day and the joke seemed to be that I ran out of time. I realized I haven’t posted in a few WEEKS, not days.

There’s a book in my head. The one that helps entrepreneurs NOT make the same mistakes I did. So much to share. Like not ordering 2000 pieces of letterhead-with the wrong address. My vanity went out the window and I started wearing cheater readers after that spendy scratch paper. I’d tell people not to ordering rack cards that worked on the printer-before I bought a new printer that won’t allow the cards to pull through. And realized the marketing plan I had for them didn’t materialize because my business went in a different direction. Paying for expensive insurance-before I had any clients. Contracting with a CMS system, that paralyzes me because I don’t make time to learn something new. Wanting to make videos before I checked the market to see if anyone would buy downloads. Ton of stuff about starting and maintaining a business.

I’m really good at what I do. Public relations is more than just press releases. Businesses must strategically plan how and when, where and what frequency to connect to their various publics. I break that down. Can do it for twenty-something college students learning to become pros to ghost writers who brand for others to machinists making widgets. But even I need a coach. And an administrative assistant. And a bookkeeper. Because as good as I am, I can’t do everything.

Look at what you are trying to accomplish with your business. Figure out what you absolutely must do–usually that’s the sales and the making of the product/service. The rest, find what you can delegate to interns, journeymen, trade with clients, or actually hire someone to do it.


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