Five tips for engaging interns for your business

Interns can provide invaluable help to the small entrepreneur, non profit or any business. It’s a balance between how much training they need and deserve with the time and energy you have to make it work. Not every intern can work out-wrong position, unable to work with a different style of manager or perhaps they’ve taken on too much between school, work, internship, life…etc. Doesn’t make them bad employees, just not ready. Interns don’t need to file–if that’s your need, outsource administrative assistant work. Interns should be doing research or prep work for your business. Think about what you really need to have done and determine what a student in your field can help you with.

What helps both the company and the student

  1. job description with clearly defined expectations
  2. interviewing the student and knowing what’s going to be a fit for work styles
  3. once taken on, time spent helping the student adjust to the company and the assignments
  4. specific deadlines
  5. consequences for missed expectations

It’s okay to deviate from the plan-I often do. But it helps you and the intern communicate and the intern develops specific skills. Win for both.


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