Updates social media top six

A few years ago-three to be exact- the top four social media tools for business were

  1. Forums
  2. YouTube
  3. Blogs
  4. Facebook

Today that has changed according to many social media studies.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIN
  4. Blogs
  5. YouTube

The purposes for social media often are to increase awareness and exposure of the company and generate those leads. Social Media Examiner provides excellent up-to-date research and tips on improving content, traffic and more.


Public Relations for small business made visual

Public Relations is all about building relationships with the company, whether you’re a sole proprietor or a Fortune 500 corporation. This graphic shows the basics for the small business owner. Public relations practices aren’t limited to these four. Not included are government relations, employee relations, donor/member relations, multicultural relations and any other “public” you can think of. Other work includes crisis communication and planning, speeches, events, etc. All require brand development, strategic planning and message development-no matter the company size.

100 “Likes”, Barely 10 reads, Let alone 1 action

From the Progressive Libertarianism Facebook page

Facebook can be an extraordinary market place for businesses, as other social media outlets can be. Blogger Dan Herr shares a story about a landscaper getting $150k worth of business from a viral posting in ONE day.

It takes time to develop that list of friends. Make sure you drive traffic to the social media which in turn should drive traffic to your website with awesome content.

It takes time to get people to move from voyeur to activist.

Jakob Nielsen, shared from Bernard Warner on Social Media Intelligence

It’s easy to get “likes”. Much more difficult to get people to take action-like sharing a link, let alone actually leaving the computer and going to volunteer.

Just means you need to know what you want from your audience and where you reach them to do that. Activists for campaigns don’t come from social media. Online shoppers might.

Clever contest by Zoya

Zoya, a toxin free nail polish, held a contest last month I thought was a particularly clever use of Pinterest. (The Contest is over, so don’t try to win now). I love Zoya for my pedicures (too much gardening to keep a manicure) both for the lack of toxin and all the colors are named for women. Although sadly there is no “Alison” color. It would be an iridescent purple or teal or silver. But I digress.

The company sent me an email about the contest. Then some of the social media mavens I follow were pinning their colors. What the elements of the contest did were build their Pinterest base; provide a small prize, set a limit for growth, which drives participation. Keep these tactics in mind for your own online contest.

Help us create the ultimate Zoya Nail Polish Summer Trio and we’ll give away 2000 of them.

Get ready for some fun in the sun! Re-pin your favorite Summer 2012 Beach and Surf Collection colors to help Zoya Nail Polish create a beachy-chic mini (.25oz bottles) trio that will seriously amp up your summer style…

What you need to do:

  1. Follow Zoya on Pinterest
  2. Re-pin your must have Beach & Surf shades from the Zoya Pinterest Collection Board onto any board of choice.
  3. The top 3 most re-pinned shades will determine the trio shades!
  4. 2,000 trios of the unique combo selected by Pinterest followers will be given away *FREE!
  5. There’s a catch… 20,000 re-pins TOTAL must be reached between all 12 shades for the giveaway to take place!

Happy Pinning! The promotion ends Monday June 5, 2012 at 11:59pm EST. Pinterest Collection trio and code will be announced Monday, June 11th IF the re-pin goal is met. Don’t forget to spread the word!

*Shipping & Handling fees apply.

Terms & Conditions
*This contest is valid on Zoya’s Pinterest page ONLY from 5/22/12 – 6/05/12 11:59pm EST. Giveaway is contingent to number of re-pins achieved – Promotion code will be released on the Zoya Pinterest Collection Board. Mini trios (.25oz bottles) will be available while supplies last. Limit one promotion per account and household. Consumer orders only. Not valid with any other coupons, codes or promotions. Orders with promotion codes are not eligible for returns or exchanges. We are not responsible for incorrect addresses or credit card entry errors. Code must be entered at the time of purchase. Please allow up to 4 weeks for shipping if volume warrants it.

Zoya is the new color of fashion! www.zoya.com
You are receiving this email as a customer of Art of Beauty, 5060 Taylor Rd #D, Cleveland OH 44128
Phone: 216-438-6363.  Art of Beauty is the maker of Qtica, Zoya and Zoom Product

I didn’t participate in the contest. I haven’t blogged in two weeks, no time to get caught in Pinterest. But as a consumer, I still love the product, loved the idea of the contest, and may actually purchase the trio if I can find the time to figure out what the summer beach colors are. Zoya won’t know it came from the contest. But I will. Keep that in mind as you build your online revenue.

Pitching bloggers on Pinterest Shared

Nicole is a former student. She works at the Abbi Agency. She posted the blog on her personal and originally posted to The Abbi Agency blog. I liked it so much I wanted to share. Student surpassing the professor. *-0 Good job Nicole.

By Nicole Rose Dion, social media coordinator/graphic designer

Bloggers have flocked to Pinterest like seagulls to your sandwich at the beach, especially if their blog involves photography in some way. They love it because Pinterest gives them just another lovely outlet to display all of their excellent photos and the ability to interact with their fellow blogger brethren (because what more do they really want?).

There are a number of steps you can take to interact with these bloggers on Pinterest and get them to notice you (or your client) and therefore have them want to interact back.

  1. Follow them/follow their boards: A lot of bloggers will have content pinned from their own blogs as well as other people’s blogs. Follow all of their boards in order to see what sort of content they are pinning. When a person gets a new follower on Pinterest, they usually receive an email alerting them of this, so this will get your name in front of them. But don’t just stop there, follow the pinners that they follow to see what sort of things they’ve been pinning as well.
  2. Repin their pins: If they’re a big blogger, they may not notice your name in their email right away, but if you keep repining their pins, your name will consistently show up in their Pinterest feed/email feed. The goal is to get them to see who you are and see that you’ve been taking a genuine interest in their content before they see you’ve pitched them.
  3. Like/comment their pins: These are just other ways of interacting with their content. There’s a lot less commitment involved than actually repining something and it will show up in their Pinterest news feed as well. Commenting will get more notice than just a “like” because people tend to read the comments on pins before they re-pin them.
  4. Tweet/Facebook post about their pins (& tag them): Most likely if they’re on Pinterest, they probably have a Facebook and Twitter page associated with their blog as well. As your client, make sure when you like one of their pins, or repin some of their content from their blog, you post about it on Twitter or Facebook and give them proper recognition by tagging them. Maybe they don’t watch their Pinterest feed very often but they will definitely be watching their Twitter @replies or Facebook mentions.
  5. Email them and reference their Pinterest content: Finally, once you’ve spent some time getting to know this blogger and the types of things they like to pin/blog about, you can email them about your client. Make sure you mention that you have been following their pins and like their style.

At this point, they should recognize that you’ve been following all their social media efforts and they will appreciate that, especially if you actually read their blog and know what they like to read about. From there, help them see how your client would align nicely with their current blog/social media topics. Reference things they’ve posted/pinned about before for extra points.

Conference secrets vs the Real time social media

Conferences-many professional groups and business industry leaders host them. And with the advent of real time media, it’s important to share the rules of engagement with participants. If you’re a professional group of sales women hosting a conference like the eWomenNetwork, then you share the hashtags #ewn2012 and encourge Facebook posts and YouTube entries, promoting participation in real time by hyping all the social media channels in advance. Then you are spreading the word about the phenomenal speakers or the great production or fantastic tips.

But some conferences are strictly meant for industry insiders working strategically in big groups, such as political strategists or engineering inventors. It’s tempting for the Twitter savvy to post as they participate. Disastrous for strategic planning. If you’re hosting a business conference where you’re not ready to share to the world the content because the material is sensitive, then set the boundaries in advance. Send through traditional emails, post in the social media realms that no social media posts are authorized during the learning sessions. If you explain why, most attendees will understand. But you may need to monitor. We’re not talking about controlling free speech-we’re talking about not sharing intellectual property or strategy.

What to know before you pitch a blogger

Bloggers are media. They have more and more influence and reach than ever. You can be a blogger and follow blogs. Dip your toe in the blog water and just join a blogging group. You can participate on several blogging groups such as Blogher, DivineCaroline, Betterfly. Follow those bloggers who match your interests, business type, etc. Then you can get a feel for connecting to them. When you want to pitch them, make sure you do your homework. Just like with traditional media sources you’ll want to know

  • the blogger’s audience-who reads them
  • their reach-where else besides their blog can you find them: books, media outlets, social media
  • their look and style. The Blaspheming Bitch is delicious, but may not be for your business audience
  • what their criteria is for working with them. The best interchange I’ve seen is from TheBloggess. She was pitched to cover a celebrity. She doesn’t do celebrity endorsements. She gets so many of them that she has a standard, if snarky, reply. Great advice. Someone took offense to receiving the Will Wheaton collating paper photo. She wrote a blog on the worst PR pitch that got the PR firm fired for the way it was unprofessionally handled. Just a warning, she swears. A lot. So do I, just not usually on my blog.
  • Just as with regular media, don’t try to get the bloggers to be your personal salesman or pitch woman. They don’t do that.