“Under her tutelage, the Wildflower Village has been able to define its brand and work meaningfully to achieve the vision of its brand that northern Nevadans can see and experience for themselves. With her ability to grasp our vision, she has inspired us, supported and encouraged us and helped us define what makes the Wildflower a special place – our progress showcases that guidance.
With a keen sense of balancing our strengths and overcoming our weaknesses, Alison provided the structure and focus we needed to begin the branding process-which helped us define what Wildflower should be. She guided us to take the behemoth changes in small stages, adding elements as our strengths built. As a coach she is engaging, yet firm. She really helped me translate a vision I’ve had into actions my staff and clients could relate to. Her approach built my own confidence and much needed focus.” Pat Campbell Cozzi, Owner, Wildflower Village

“Alison is able to bridge the gap between traditional and new media with strong community relations skills and a firm grip on strategic planning and the value that all brings to Public Relations and Communications. It is incredible what she is able to envision simply by skimming through an integrated marketing communications plan or listening to a pitch for 3 minutes. I have never met someone that can see so clearly beyond just a plan and map it out in their minds and provide helpful feedback. Her deep understanding of political and social context provides an invaluable asset to any communications effort. She is able to really see how a plan will play out in real-time, a rare talent her experience and knowledge bring to the table. Any small business owner will succeed under her tutelage.”  Sarah Tjoa, Account Executive at Passantino Andersen Communications, Los Angeles

“I had the pleasure of working with Alison in a number of venues. She sparked enthusiasm to learn about the field of public relations with her constant energy, passion and expertise for the industry. It was never rare to hear students talk about Alison’s class with great excitement…Shelley Kudelka, Reporter/Producer at KHQ-TV Spokane, WA

As a practicing professional and simultaneous student, I took advantage of Alison’s PR Reality Tour class in 2005 and 2006. Her teaching style allowed for immediate implementation of ideas and strategies for the non-profit I worked for. Her enthusiasm and skill made the material easy to understand and easier to implement. Her class offerings are valuable to non-profits and entrepreneurs alike. She indeed is a great motivator and helped guide my personal and professional success.Marcus Liem, Communications Director at Nevada Disability Advocacy & Law Center

“Alison Gaulden is an astounding mentor, advocate, teacher and professional. As a student at the University of Nevada Reno, I was exposed to Alison’s strong teaching skills and am lucky to have Alison as my mentor.

Alison’s teaching style stems from her strong professional experience as a public relations professional. She brings excitement, undeniable energy and passion to the classroom and the subject of public relations. Her real-world work experience and case studies rival anything you would find in the latest public relations texts. This experience has led her to easily teach the necessary public relations skills that are required in today’s work environment.

Over the last decade Alison has made teaching a priority and never ceases to bring innovative ideas and projects to the classroom. She is an asset to our community and anyone who is interested should jump at the chance to study with her.” Jenny Petty, Integrated Marketing Specialist, Server Technology Inc.

As a new business starting in this country I asked Alison to assist me with the publicity for promotion to the media. Alison coached me on writing press/media releases and edited my draft. I am not a writer, so Alison transformed my draft into an excellent media release to send out to newspapers. It was easy to read, well written with specific solutions on how I help companies with stress with my program. I would be happy to recommend Alison to anyone who is requiring PR assistance and coaching.” Linda Benn, Productivity & Stress Reduction Expert, Novato California

When I transitioned from reporter to PR practitioner, I had a hard time wrapping my head around exactly what PR person does and how they can balance the desires of their clients with the needs of the media. My employer sent me to Alison Gaulden. The course was exactly what I needed. Alison has a special talent for getting right to the point and not wasting anyone’s time on “fluff.” Alison is well-respected in the PR community for her ethics and passion – reporters and colleagues know that her word is gold, and that is essential in public relations. Her unassailable reputation, her vast knowledge of the profession and her natural ability to teach the profession to others at any level of understanding and education made her the perfect instructor for the course and the perfect choice for future courses and training.” –Bethany Drysdale
Director of Communications, Nevada Commission on Tourism

“Alison helped me chew off bites of this “huge thing called PR” to focus on my target audience, plan PR strategies that I can do myself, and in very manageable timelines that will help me feel good about doing effective PR for my business”. —Cathy Norris, Employee Engagement and Corporate Culture Consultant



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